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online design studio

Team leaders/captons can design and launch their ideas right in their own business hub.

CUstom pricing

When you design your items for your team you have the option to mark up any of the items as you see fit and that profit is sent to the paypal address of your choice when the store closes!

Full support 

CPM is with you every step of the way. From ideas for designs, shirt recomendations, and customer support for your orders.

QUick shipping

After your store closes (you decide how long you want it to run) we work as fast as we can designing and filling your orders. Typically within 10 days. 

And Here are some sample products!

  • Demo Vintage Hat  Thumbnail
  • Demo Sponge Fleece Hoodie Thumbnail
  • Demo Women's Re-TEE V-neck Thumbnail
  • Demo Re-Tee T-shirt Thumbnail
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